Fayetteville Pact — Fayetteville

→ Attending court watch during the eviction hearings

→ Assist in canvassing target communities that are high risk

→ Have local partners in Fayetteville come to site and assist with the project, maintaining  focus on helping those in the process of evictions

→ Assist with statewide efforts in solidarity with State Housing Network

Housing Justice Coalition CLT — Charlotte

→ Neighborhood outreach

→ Website

→ Policy research

→ Political education events

Paulen Solidarity Law — Hillsborough

→ Continue to represent tenants in need. The firm represents an entire mobile home community that does not have the funds to pay.


→ Further Tenant and Landlord Knowledge (TALK). This initiative will create a coalition of people with knowledge to assist people on evictions and maintain a safe place to live

→ Compile and maintain a file on housing resources for rural Duplin County

→ Honor at least 10 people from Duplin County within a tenant leadership training to continue post-pandemic work in the 10 towns of Duplin

United Tenants of Charlotte — Charlotte 

→ Directly prevent tenants from being evicted through cash payments for bills

→ Printing out flyers to use in door knocking and educating tenants on tenant rights and how they can and cannot legally be evicted

Fuerza Y Union Multiple (FUM) — Henderson

Manage and provide support for decent homes in communities where the right to life of people is promoted

→ Provide financial aid for payments

→ Provide basic tenancies that improve quality of life and a roof for individuals and families amongst situations and needs that arise

People’s Budget NC Coalition — Statewide

→ Community outreach in response to the constantly changing landscape around the eviction moratorium. This includes travel and materials, primarily to county courthouses for resource

distribution and/or court watching and supplies for courthouse visits (fliers, food/water, etc.).

→ Mobilization to the NCGA if the opportunity arises to fight for state level legislation that would help prevent evictions

University Soup Kitchen — Charlotte 

→ Continue operations of weekly canvassing outreach efforts in at-risk, low-income neighborhoods

→ Support their housing advocates and housing justice groups that work directly with clients to ensure they receive justice when facing issues with landlords and/or emergency housing situations.

The Social Justice Mobilizing Organizing Group

→ Make copies of flyers for upcoming events so we continue to do safe drop offs in underserved areas

Dataworks NC — Durham 

Cover printing costs for printed materials to be distributed directly to tenants by Legal Aid and other partners in eviction diversion and defense as part of an overall year of work to inform where and how Emergency Rental Assistance funds can better reach low-income Black,

Indigenous and People of Color tenants in Durham