Durham: Stop Evictions, No Displacement During the Holidays!

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WHEREAS, the Durham Housing Authority has filed 7 times more summary ejectment cases than Greensboro’s Housing Authority; 20 times more than Charlotte’s Housing Authority in 2019; and 35 times more than Raleigh’s Housing Authority in 2019.

WHEREAS, the Durham Housing Authority has attempted to evict 40% of its households so far in 2019, compared to 5% of households in Greensboro, 1.2% of households in Charlotte, and 1.7% of households in Raleigh. Many of the 40% of DHA households have faced multiple evictions filings this year. 

WHEREAS, the City of Durham just passed the $95 million affordable housing bond, most of which will go to Durham Housing Authority. 

WHEREAS, historical trends indicate that the number of evictions INCREASE over the holidays, which puts families and vulnerable individuals in even more precarity.  

WHEREAS, the Richmond, Virginia Housing Authority enacted a moratorium on evictions in November after attempting to evict 36.5% of its households, meanwhile Durham’s Housing Authority has attempted to evict more than 40%, many of them more than once.

WHEREAS, Durham has adopted a Community Safety and Wellness Taskforce and access to affordable housing is an essential component to safety and wellness. 

WHEREAS, there is a statewide and nationwide crisis of displacement, gentrification, and attacks on poor and working class communities, communities of color, disabled people, families, youth, and elders. 

WHEREAS, the City of Durham seeks to be a progressive beacon for the South on issues of housing, policing, employment, and more. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT, we the undersigned, offer our voice in support of the goals of the Emergency Committee to End the Durham Eviction Crisis and urge DHA, Durham City Council, Durham Board of County Commissioners, Durham Clerk of Court Archie Smith, Durham Mayor Steve Schewel, and the Durham County Sheriff: 

  1. To enforce an immediate moratorium on evictions of affordable housing tenants over the holidays and winter months, to begin December 16, 2019 and extend at least through March 31, 2020.  This includes directing the Clerk of Court not to accept eviction petitions from DHA and directing the Sheriff’s department not to serve eviction notices to affordable housing residents.
  2. To convene a series of community forums where tenants vulnerable to evictions and those currently in eviction hearings are able to express their grievances and receive answers for their questions directed at the city.
  3. To ensure right to counsel for all affordable housing tenants, which could include increased financial support for the Durham eviction diversion program, housed at Legal Aid. 
  4. Reroute the thousands of dollars in legal costs and filing fees that DHA would have spent during the holiday season to file evictions, to instead allocate these funds to implement the demands of the Community-Led Safety and Wellness Taskforce.


* for identification purposes only

BYP 100 – Durham
CAPE (Community Alliance for Public Education)
Carolina Jews for Justice
Democratic Socialists of America – Durham
Durham Association of Educators
Durham City Workers Union, UE Local 150
Durham For All
Durham Human Relations Commission
Durham People’s Alliance
Durham Solidarity Center
Durham Workers Assembly
National Domestic Workers Alliance – We Dream in Black
N.C. Raise Up/Fight for $15
Jewish Voice for Peace – Triangle
Southern Fried Queer Pride 
Southerners On New Ground – Durham Chapter
Southern Vision Alliance (SVA)
Showing Up for Racial Justice – Triangle 

Stella Freelon
Pierce Freelon, candidate for NC State Senate, District 20
John Rooks, Chair of Durham Human Relations Commission*
Raymond Eurquhart, Durham Housing Authority Commissioner*
Brenda Howerton, Durham County Commissioner*
AJ Williams, co-chair, Durham Chapter of BYP100*
Joe Lewis, Hayti resident
Elena Everett, West End resident
Loan Tran, Old North Durham resident
Beau Cromartie, Guess Rd. Resident, Youth Organizing Institute*
Nadeen Bir, Club Blvd resident
Emerson Goldstein, Durham resident
Alexis Clark, Durham resident
Nicholas Graber-Grace, Durham resident, teacher Hillside High School*
Elizabeth Simpson, Durham resident, Carolina Justice Policy Center*
Bennett Carpenter, Durham resident, Durham for All
Dante Strobino, University Estates resident, Durham Workers Assembly
Sherrill Hudson, Durham resident


Other Signers

Justin Miller 
Vicky Ryder 
Laurie Fox
Cara Adrian
Linda Warren 
Dorita Eger
Nicholas Richardson
Priscilla Smith
Stephanie Richardson
addison evans
Christopher Phompraseut 
Camille Herring
Jacqueline Wigfall 
John Killeen
Libby McClure 
Kate Hudson
Charles Perry
Samantha Miezio 
Tim Stallmann
Phil Seib 
Mel Norton 
Kenyatta Brewer
Bex Orton 
Nathalie Kauz
Roxana Bendezú
Billy Dee
missouri solomon
Hideo Higashibaba
Reid Getty
Kate Mitchell
Lewis Wallace
Ashlyn Nuckols
Trey Washington 
Joe Appleton
Cole Parke
Jenafur Maher-Bernard
Angela Jeannet
Doris Jackson
Michael Eisenberg
Emily Wilkins
Haley Harrison
Damon Williams
Turquoise Parker
Maya Hart
Robert Belknap
Beth Bruch
Alex Chassnoff 
Jodi Wert
Magaretha Herman
Kurt Johnson
Tracey Barrett 
Anne Wilkinson 
Brenda Howerton
Caitlyn Case-Cohen 
Raymond Eurquhart 
Natalie Rich
Catherine Edgerton
Nicholas Patten
Adrienne Anderson
Susan Nobblitt
lisa frank 
Joyce Pusel 
Katie Todd
Ray Derrickson
Early Bradley
Lisa Payton 
James Thomas
Meghan Florian
Scott Barish
sumi dutta
Nat Lazakis
Kaaren Haldeman
Kylie Foley 
Rachel Rinah Galper
Kenny Dalsheimer
Ken Ashworth
Bob Rosen 
Brian Slosek 
Jodi Lasseter
Maha Syed 
Alexandra Stefanovic 
Kristin Henry 
Kaji Reyes-Gertes 
Anthony Morgan 
Mina Ezikpe 
Jake Stanley 
Judith Magee
Diane Williams
Abby Lublin 
Maura Scroggs 
Jeffrey Collins
Anthony Harrison
Elizabeth Hammond
Kicab Castaneda-Mendez
Margaret Campbell 
Ayan Felix 
Joanna Rutter 
Kimberly Register
Jane Leer
Erin Carson 
L’Tanya Durante
James Moore
Carolyn Fryberger
Shady Kimzey
Mark Kennedy
LeiLani Dowell
David Bowden
Isela Gutierrez
TraShanna Shelton
Rachel “Gemynii” Storer
Matt Hartman
Jackie MacLeod
Laura Ritchie
Ryan Hurley
Casey Roe
Marylyn Hartman
Eileen Harvey
Suquanna Butler
Mary Sewell
Eleanor Wertman
Jessica Valoris
Tameka Allison
Ryan Cocca
Tim Hock
Mark Sfeir
Nicole Hensley
Courtney Howard
Quay Weston
SJ Taylor

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