On Wednesday, January 29 the Board of the Durham Housing Authority is meeting. The people of Durham, following the lead of DHA residents, are showing up to protest the conditions in public housing and to demand an immediate moratorium on evictions.
Wednesday, January 29
330 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701
In 2019 over 846 families on DHA housing received an eviction filing, that is 7 times higher than Greensboro, 20 times higher by Charlotte, and 35 times higher than Greensboro. This must end now!

DHA recently announced that they will not file any new evictions for the month of January, especially given the immediate challenges facing MacDougal Terrace residents. We believe this is a step in right direction and urge the DHA Board to immediately halt evictions indefinitely.

Their decision to halt evictions for the month of January is a prime example of what our campaign for a moratorium on evictions has been stating all along: there are greater concerns to be addressed regarding public housing residents and evictions are not the answer!

We must continue to organize and protest until a moratorium is won. Please join us to continue to build this movement and support the voices of DHA residents speaking out.

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If you are able to provide transportation support to DHA residents planning to attend the meeting this Wednesday, please fill out this volunteer form.